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The Full Story

About Us

It all began in 2015, when Ash had his first Gyro from a food truck in New York City! Two years later, Ash & Kris

Kitchen was born in the heart of Oakland, Pittsburgh. Bringing authentic Mediterranean food and culture.


About Ashraf,

Ashraf is the founder and owner of Ash & Kris Kitchen. He was born in Syria but lived his life in different countries of the Middle East. Because Ashraf had a passion for Mediterranean food making, he worked tirelessly to gain his culinary skills by trade during his time in Lebanon. He served as a front-line chef in many highly regarded restaurants in Lebanon and led teams of catering and culinary personal for years.


In 2015, Ashraf migrated to the United States to build his American Dream. He did so by starting Ash & Kris Kitchen in 2017. Years later, Ashraf remains on top of his food service establishment, ensuring the freshness, flavor, and quality of each item served in his truck.

Our Beginnings,

"The beginning was humble. I didn't have enough money to spare on a fancy truck or a nice paint job. I solely focused on the flavor and quality of my food. Money came eventually..."  Ashraf

Ash & Kris Kitchen served its first meal on May 12, 2017, on Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh. Our first truck was tiny, and did not have enough grilling, cooling, or storage areas. Though, we managed to deliver the promised flavor and quality from customer 1 and to thousands of other customers. Frankly, we pulled it off! 

Ash Kris First Truck
Ash & Kris Today

Ash & Kris Kitchen Today,

Today, Ash & Kris Kitchen is one of the most demanded food trucks in the greater Pittsburgh area. We do not only serve our neighborhood, but have contracts with many corporations, Universities, and medical institutions. We have a dedicated team that is ready to provide uninterrupted catering services to up to 1000 hungry people per night. All while miniating authentic Mediterranean flavors and fresh homemade quality.

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