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Ashraf with Ash & Kris

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In 2015, when Ash decided to start a Mediterranean food truck in United States, he showcased determination and entrepreneurial spirit. He turned his culinary passion into a reality by establishing Ash & Kris Kitchen in 2017. Running a food service establishment, especially a mobile one like a food truck, was be exceptionally challenging, and Ash's dedication to ensuring the freshness, flavor, and quality of the food served showed his commitment to providing customers with a genuine Mediterranean culinary experience, in a mobile fashion.


At first, starting with a small and basic food truck that lacked some of the modern amenities and conveniences found in fancier setups, Ash & Kris Kitchen faced initial challenges, plenty of them actually. Those mainly included having a limited space, menu selection, and even staff. We then realized that we could solve that problem by establishing our own food supply center in Oakland, and we did that. This step leveraged us to grow because now we do not only have all the space we need and the dedicated teams to replenish the truck, but we can ensure that all of our dishes are marinated with the authentic flavors a day in advance and are maintaining the quality that Ash expects. Our commitment to maintaining the promised flavor and quality from the very first customer was brilliantly and remarkably achieved.


"The fact that we managed to pull it off with the old truck, limited funds, and tight circumstances speaks to how hard we worked. When we got the new truck, larger events and high demand were certainly more manageable."  Ashraf


Over time, as Ash & Kris Kitchen gained recognition and customers, we were able to expand, invest in a brand-new truck, and eventually, improve our equipment, setup, and menu. Today, Ash & Kris Kitchen is one of the most demanded food trucks in the greater Pittsburgh area. We do not only serve our neighborhood, but have daily contracted events with many corporations, universities, and medical institutions. We have a dedicated team that is ready to provide uninterrupted catering services to up to 1000 hungry people per night. All while miniating authentic Mediterranean flavors and fresh homemade quality.

Because Ash loves complements, we can say Ash & Kris Kitchen is likely a reflection of his love for Mediterranean cuisine and his desire to share it with a wider audience in the United States. We think his story is an inspiring example of how hard work and a passion for food can lead to financial success in the culinary industry.

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